Our story

Muñoz y Pujante has been working in the world of flavour since the 1950s with traditional values and a forward-looking outlook, in the rapidly changing world of food.
refineria de especias munoz y pujante


Our company was founded in 1954 and became specialised in the production and sale of paprika. We would later branch out into the development of ready-made products for the meat industry.

After the second generation took the helm in 1984, we continued working on traditional lines and began our international expansion by importing and exporting finished products.
Our third generation took over in 2009 with a strong commitment to existing lines and continuing our expansion into the HORECA food sector, organic produce, and the meat and industrial sector both in Spain and internationally.


We are a company that has successfully implemented several generational changes and takes on new challenges with passion and intelligence whilst drawing upon the knowledge and experience we have gained over time.

Our extensive experience and our unshakeable commitment to fulfilling the agreements we enter into with our clients demonstrate the quality and diligence of our craft.

familia muñoz y pujante


New business lines continue to grow, such as the focus on the Horeca sector and bringing dehydrated fruit and vegetables to market, whilst our traditional lines of paprika production, spice grinding, and creating blends principally destined for the food industry continue to thrive.