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allergen-free, clean label, organic, low-fat, and made-to-order products?. Take a look at our range of products or contact us for your made-to-order project.

Made-to-order projects for the Food Industry

If you are looking to innovate and still don’t know where to start, we can help and guide you. We carry out made-to-order and own-brand projects as well as everything else you may need.

Functional blends for the meat and food industry

Made-to-order products: adapted to market demands and trends and in strict compliance with all legislation.

Food Service

We have the most extensive Horeca range, in both products and sizes.


We specialise in paprika, both traditional and organic, and we produce it ourselves at our own production plant in Murcia.

Spices and blends

Wide range of traditional and organic spices and blends that we make ourselves at our own production centre.

+ More than 65 years' experience

Are you looking to innovate and you don’t know where to start? We can help and guide you in any way you need.

Our company was founded in 1954, as specialists in the production and sale of paprika, we would later branch out into the development of ready-made products for the meat industry.

We continued expanding, focusing on the Horeca sector and bringing dehydrated fruit and vegetables to market, whilst ensuring the success of our traditional lines of paprika production, spice grinding, and creating blends principally destined for the food industry.

We work in the world of flavour with traditional values and a forward-looking outlook

Quality focused management

We apply the strictest global quality control standards in the food industry to ensure our customers can trust and place their faith in us.

Our quality

Provides our customers with full confidence.


We offer high-quality products that meet all consumer standards.

Food safety

We invest in food safety to offer peace of mind and confidence.

Innovation-based growth

Investment in machinery, facilities, and processes for continuous growth.

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Mª Carmen Rodriguez Martínez
Gerente de Especias “Tia Tula”

Nos sentimos muy satisfechos, estamos viendo hacia el futuro, definitivamente la solución por la que optamos nos gratifica, creemos que llena nuestra expectativas y nos va a permitir ser una empresa más grande, una empresa mayor.

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