Muñoz y Pujante paprika: House specialty

Orange/red in colour with a characteristic flavour, paprika is undoubtedly one of the most popular condiments in the world, being used to naturally season and colour multiple dishes and culinary preparations from virtually every culture known to man.

Paprika is a spice or condiment that is obtained by drying and grinding different varieties of red peppers of the species of genus, Capsicum annuum, with the native variety from Murcia being called the “ñora” or Cascabel pepper. Paprika has also come to be known as the Spanish pepper or red gold. And although it is one of the most deeply rooted spices in Spanish cooking, its incorporation is relatively recent, arriving in Spain at the end of the 15th century as one of the products that was imported and brought from America, to then be grown in the country at different monasteries by monks of the Order of St. Jerome. Although the peppers arrived in their elongated and rather spicy varieties, in Murcia, due to its characteristic climate and soil, the pepper evolved towards an aromatic variety with a rounded shape and a very mild and sweet flavour.

In Murcia, we know how much potential it has, which is why this land is home to one of its main Designations of Origin, the paprika from Murcia, undoubtedly one of the specialties of the region and of Muñoz y Pujante.

Spices paprika Murcia

At Muñoz y Pujante, we have been working with paprika for more than 65 years, an experience that has led us to take things one step further and develop several lines with different varieties of paprika, in addition to being pioneers in our own organic paprika production lines, always adapting to the needs of our customers and to new market needs.

Our paprika is obtained from dry, ripe, clean and healthy peppers. This product is an essential ingredient in the production of different Spanish sausages (chorizo, sobrasada, chistorra, morcón, etc.), a fact that has made us a key operator in the sector in the manufacture of meat products that incorporate this ingredient that we produce ourselves.

spices paprika murcia

Our types of paprika

In Spain, there are different varieties of peppers that we use to make paprika, with the highlight being the “ñora” or Cascabel variety used in sweet paprika, with its sweet taste, fruity aroma and bright orange colour. Varieties known as the Rosarito and Jaranda are also planted in Murcia and Extremadura, which are redder in colour although less sweet and aromatic.

Likewise, we have other varieties from countries such as Peru, China, Morocco and South Africa, such as the Papri Queen, the Papri King, the US Hybrid and the Papri Mild.

Thus, we have sweet varieties that are the most frequently consumed in the Mediterranean diet, and we also have varieties of hot peppers to make the hot paprika with, more characteristic of Asian or North African cuisines, and the smoked paprika that is achieved by subjecting the peppers to a smoking process prior to grinding, thus being able to achieve a sweet smoked paprika (if we smoke and then grind varieties of sweet peppers) and a spicy smoked paprika (if we smoke and then grind varieties of hot peppers).

Because at Sucesores de Muñoz y Pujante, we know how important quality spices are in today’s food sector, which is why we strive to offer what we ourselves would like to find in the market: quality, variety and products adapted to every need.


A product with such special characteristics requires a careful and optimal production process, which includes the following stages:

  • Annual selection of the optimal seed obtained from the best peppers.
  • Seeding between March-April.
  • Monitoring of the optimal development of the plant and subsequent emergence and ripening of the fruit (April/May to September/October).
  • September/October: Harvesting at optimum fruit ripeness.
    Dried in the ideal way to prevent infestations, and with an ideal level of carotene stability (natural colouring elements).
  • Grinding: Process in which the pepper, as the whole fruit, becomes the seasoning by being converted into small pieces or a powder, for its optimal use as a natural food colouring or flavouring agent.

What are you waiting for to try our paprika and incorporate this popular product with a Denomination of Origin into your diet? Learn about the famous spices paprika from Murcia and its spices from Muñoz y Pujante!

We are backed by our more than 65 years of experiences, with the sole objective of providing the highest quality throughout our entire process so that you can enjoy the best possible product. Everybody who tastes it can confirm the organoleptic superiority of a paprika made with the ñora pepper from Murcia over any other variety. We invite you to try it for yourself and see what all the hype is about!