Respect for the environment and sustainability: Muñoz y Pujante´s ecological essence

Conservation of the rural environment

The global population is growing, food demand is increasing and we have no choice but to take a long hard look at ourselves as well as be capable of looking into smarter production and productivity models. However, above all, these models must be more respectful of the environment in which they operate.

Bearing in mind the planet and the desire to protect our ecosystems, maintaining seed diversity, while contributing to conserving and developing the rural environment, organic farming is the primary tool to achieve the right balance between protecting the earth while advancing societies more consciously.

Commitment to things well done

For this reason, for years Muñoz y Pujante has been committed to incorporating organic raw materials in a comprehensive range that has enabled us to hold an enviable position on a global level, and that has become our finest form of advertising for some time now. This has completely changed the traditional paradigm of design and development of new products with a high technological burden, involving, within the same philosophy, concepts such as origin, nutritional support and food safety.

Therefore, every time we ship our organic paprika around the world, a little piece of the Murcian region, and our commitment to things well done, also crosses borders, adding the taste of tradition and the utmost respect for the raw material to each dish, which is what makes us stand out.

Eco Products

Enjoy our paprika, our broths and our eco-format technological bases and do your bit to look after the planet.


An essential ingredient in the elaboration of different sausages. It adds colour and flavour.

Technological basis

Mixture of spices, seasonings and additives for the production of elaborated and processed products.


Wide range of spices selected and imported from different producing countries, guaranteeing the optimum quality of the product.

Broths and soups

Excellent tasting broths that are free of preservatives, fat, colouring or allergens (vegetable, chicken, meat and fish) at the best price.

Keys to the Eco philosophy


Organic agriculture is based on preserving natural resources and respecting the environment in which it is developed, enhancing the soil´s natural fertility and its productive capacity, while reintroducing nutrients to be subsequently reincorporated back into the soil in the form of organic fertiliser to regenerate it.


Monocultures are detrimental to soil, as they favour the degradation thereof, the build-up of pests and a reduction in the soil´s natural nutrient levels. Organic agriculture consciously plans crop rotation, enabling soil permanence and optimising the maintenance thereof over time.


Fertilisers have an extremely negative impact on groundwater, soil and in turn, on consumers. Organic agriculture is based on using techniques, tools and substances that protect natural resources, while preserving essential nutrients for the soil and the food it produces.


In organic farming, there is a decrease in the environmental energy cost and the activity´s impact on the environment; no energy is wasted because it fosters the responsible and sustainable use of the natural resources available, as well as respecting the natural cycle of plant species.


Thanks to the practices it advocates, organic farming promotes the creation of jobs and business development at local and family level. One of the objectives of the organic philosophy is to be able to maintain the agricultural system in an integral way in all its essential elements. Organic farming is a key element in the sustainability of our society.

Tradition, evolution and reinvention