Integrated, quality-
focused management


The impact of our efforts has been rewarded by the granting of various seals of quality that certify that our products and processes include all necessary safeguards, yet the greatest reward remains a satisfied customer.
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Tecnología y calidad

Sucesores de Muñoz y Pujante, S.L. has a young and innovative management team with an extensive academic background in technology.

We believe quality control, from the selection of the raw materials to the moment they reach the table, is critical in reaching the desired standards of quality and we view ongoing innovation as the path to follow.

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Somos Calidad

Tenemos un alto compromiso con la calidad y seguridad alimentaria de sus productos y por ello cuenta en su equipo humano con varios técnicos especializados en higiene alimentaria que velan a diario por la inocuidad del pimentón, especias y preparados para la industria cárnica.

Certificados de garantía

Para conseguir el máximo grado de confianza en seguridad alimentaria se ha implantado y auditado un Sistema de Autocontrol basado en los patrones establecidos por las Normas ISO 22.000, BRC e IFS, sin dejar de lado nuestro compromiso con el medioambiente y la Norma ISO 14.001.

8.000 metros cuadrados de almacenes

Our facilities

Ongoing investment in machinery and upgrading our facilities ensures we are constantly moving forward.
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Our laboratory, pilot plant, and training centre are the heart and soul of our company. This is where product ideas and the most stringent quality control come from.
We use cutting-edge instrumental analysis technology such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), spectrophotometers, immunological techniques, physio-chemical and microbiological techniques to determine the various appropriate parameters for paprika, spices, and ready-made products for the meat industry
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